Moving your media file from Linux server to Amazon s3 using s3cmd

Installing s3cmd

sudo apt-get install s3cmd

Configure s3cmd

s3cmd --configurethe command will ask for Access Key , Secret Key, Bucket Name & few options.Retrieving Access Key From AWSFor retrieving your Access Key and Secret Key, In the AWS Console, click my security credentials at the top right for your profile.
You can create a new access key for use an old one from Access Keys column.
Now, it's time to move  your file/folder from server to s3.Move a single file to s3s3cmd put file.txt s3://folder/

Move a folder to s3

s3cmd put --recursive source-folder s3://destination-folder



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Shrestha Rohit

Shrestha Rohit

I like to call myself a passionate programmer. I love learning new things every day.